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In 2018, running a successful young business or a big enterprise is about embracing newer technologies to improve the bottom line and establish continual growth. In today’s Internet era, the biggest objective of an organization is to solve complicated operational problems while staying within the budget boundaries. Meet the above requirement is cloud computing, which is rated as the today &tomorrow of many industries. Before we dug any deep, it is imperative to define the cloud. The Cloud is a network of several servers (the computers) located in data centers, similar to what you find at physical document storage rooms. The cloud computing consulting services employ the flexibility and the limitless power of the cloud to solve your company’s problem of managing on-premise software applications.

Can Cloud Improve My Business’s Bottom Line?

Small and big businesses, regardless of their industry are caught in the spider web of big costs associated with the maintenance of the internal systems. Do you know the global healthcare sector spend 75% of their annual expenses on this, as published by the Gartner’s IT Budget Report? With cloud services, your company needs to only pay for the resources in usage, furthermore reap the advantage of cloud scalability and reliability. In addition, there is no requirement from your side to update software internally, as they are being managed by a third-party.

Is My Company’s Data Safe?

Data centers and the infrastructures of top cloud service providers such as the Amazon Web Services are created with the advanced security features and engineered with the best safety layering. Therefore, your company’s critical data is completely safe and secured in these data centers.

Is Cloud Scalable?

Yes, this is, in fact, a big reason for the booming cloud industry. Each business has its own set of IT needs, like startup won’t have the same IT requirements to that of a big enterprise of over 1000 thousand individuals. Cloud computing is a great solution as it is easily scalable; you can up/down the IT resources in accordance with your business demands. Cloud computing consulting services from experts at Cloudlyanda are perfect for companies those with fluctuating IT bandwidth demands. To boil down, you can increase cloud capacity without having to invest big money in physical infrastructure.

Is My Company Recoverable?

Data loss unarguably is the biggest concern for organizations, regardless of their capacity and complexity. By moving your business to the cloud, your business’s crucial data can be recovered anytime. Cloud-based services cover for data recovery in a variety of scenarios, right from power outages to natural disasters.

Cloud Services & Infrastructure Advisory Services

Being a leading offshore cloud computing services provider, Cloudlynda leverages its years of practical market exposure to formulate a cloud solution that is right-sized for your business. Starting with the determining your business bandwidth requirement to helping you select the right platform, we assure our cloud services will add value to your business. Speak to Our Cloud Technicians Today for Any Query or Doubt!