There are limitless offerings being pushed to Franchisees these days. Our team focuses on those that increase your system revenue and provide benefits specifically related to marketing your franchise. We know when it comes to marketing your franchise and helping your Franchisees do market their business, nothing comes close to our solutions. Save time on researching CRM options and contact us today.

    The Franchise Builders technology suite includes:
  • Site Builder®: Corporate Websites and Franchisee Websites.
  • Team Builder Intranet®: Electronic Collaboration and Document Distribution.
  • Content Management Systems and Proprietary Software Engineering.
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Facts is, we were the first company to introduce local websites to the franchise industry over 15 years ago. And, while we have witnessed dozens of imitations since, our technology remains the standard for localized marketing.

The Franchise Builders Proprietary Site Builder Application offers a dynamic wWebsite management program for the Franchisor. Site Builder provides individual franchises a powerful, localized website solution (Sitelets) which allows each franchise location to extend their interaction with their customers and assert a stronger market presence, all under the control of the Franchisor.

Site Builder Siteletsis dynamically integrated with the Franchisor’s Website, yet contain sections that are customizable and maintained by each individual franchisee, via a simple-to-use web interface. Further, Franchisor updates are a simple task, as each time the Franchisor makes changes to its website, those changes are automatically and instantly updated and mirrored on each related Franchisee Sitelet(s), preserving the corporate brand and ensuring that each location receives time sensitive information.

By using Sitelets to extend the purchasing process to closing the sale, the Franchisor provides the consumer everything needed to make a purchase from the Franchisee. Rather than simply providing the name, phone number and address of each Franchisee,Sitelets will put the consumer directly in contact with the Franchisees (often through a zip code locator or another mechanism) where the consumer can complete a purchase via web enabled e-commerce, or at the very least, by furthering the sales process by providing specific contact information that enables direct interaction with that Franchisee.

This technology allows the Franchisor to push sales, special programs, information and products down to the consumer / Franchisee level faster; while protecting, controlling and maintaining their brand equity and the positioning, integrity and messaging of their brand.

Contact us today for a no-hassle demo of our live Franchise Clients’ Site Builder Programs.

The Site Builder program includes:

  • 1.A customizable, hosted individual web Sitelet for each Franchisee that is dynamically tied to the Franchisors Website.
  • The Franchisor determines which site sections are customizable by the Franchisees and which stay fixed and dynamically modified by the Franchisor.
  • If the Franchisee(s) operate independently, their logo or business name can appear in the masterhead on each of their Franchisee Sitelet webpages.
  • 4. The Franchisor is provided administrative and approval control over all Franchisee Sitelets, ensuring the ability to enforce maintainbranding and content related compliance.
  • 5. Training and Support from The Franchise Builders Support Staff.